New Model in X1 Series - the First 12-tonne Sewage Recycle Sweeper Truck Rolled off Production Line

Undoubtedly, shortage of water resources is now on top of the list of problems confronted by the world. UN General Assembly also stated the major tasks of international actions in the next ten years (2018-2028): Focus more on sustainable development and coordinated management of water resources, and facilitate realization of social, economic and environmental objectives. Improve efficiency of water resource use and realize sustainable use of water resources. Environment industry embraces new opportunities of development.


Days ago, Environment Guard X1 series welcomed the new model-the first 12-tonne sewage recycle sweeper truck rolled off the production line,meaning XCMG Environment again launched benchmark product in the industry.

X1 new-generation technical quality system


Green is the basic color of development. New model of XCMG Environment Guard X1 adopts the pure EV technology, single-engine technology, noise control technology, sewage recycle technology, dust removing technology and other green & environment-efficient technologies. Its comprehensive energy efficiency rate reaches 10-30%.



The 12-ton sewage recycle sweeper truck represents latest result of XCMG Environment’s green and sustainable development strategy. The new product is developed on the basis of the experience gained in designing the original sweeper truck while relying on the great manufacturing capability of XCMG. The model recycles the sewage, thus greatly reducing consumption of water resources. It is a special vehicle designed for road surface sanitation, which is featured by long-distance cleaning operations with one water fill. The model is applicable for long-distance and high cleanness sanitation operations on ring roads and flyovers.


Product characteristics

The vehicle is equipped with sewage recycle system. The multi-layer sewage filtering technology realizes sewage recycling, with one operation saving more than 8.5 tons of water (equivalent to two-month water consumption in a three-member household), with filter precision reaching 0.04um. The one-time water fill will ensure the operation lasts 3.5 hours, or 65% longer than before. By adopting the advanced integrated control system, the manual operation box & screen ensure combined control to improve automation and vehicle troubleshooting and fault-resolving method guidance.



For years, XCMG Environment has been focusing on development of core technologies. By making technical development, it works hard to establish solutions to sanitation equipment that meets customer demands and adapts to the market. The newly-launched 12-tonne sewage recycle sweeper truck is the result of XCMG Environment’s efforts, proving it has made another technical breakthrough of the products.


Till today, XCMG Environment has established holistic solutions to sanitation equipment, operation & service, post treatment of household rubbish, and environmental recycle industrial park, etc. In the future, XCMG Environment will continue its utmost efforts to improve product quality and core competitiveness. With Green Makes Green philosophy, it will contribute XCMG wisdom and power to building the beautiful world featuring blue sky, green land and clean water.

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