Brilliant Appearance of Pillars of the Great Power -- More Than Ten XCMG Quality Products Appear in Russia CTT Exhibition 2018

From June 5 to 8, the 19th RUSSIA International Construction and Engineering Machinery Exhibition (Bauma CTT RUSSIA 2018), the largest international construction machinery exhibition in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern had its grand opening in CRUCOS, an exhibition center in the capital of Moscow.


XCMG made its grand show with more than ten quality products including all-terrain crane, auto crane, loader, diaphragm wall grab, horizontal directional drilling, road roller and grader. It is learned that all the XCMG series products on display are quality products designed for the extremely cold natural environment in Russia. The appearance of more than ten international leading products drew extensive attention of Russian clients and local construction machinery professionals.

Bird's eye view of XCMG at Russia CTT Exhibition

On the opening ceremony of XCMG exhibition site in the morning of June 5, Vice President and Secretary of China Engineering Machinery Industry Association Su Zimeng said in his speech that as a leading enterprise of "pillars of the great power", XCMG is a model for Chinese engineering machinery industry by actively responding to and implementing the Belt and Road initiative to continuously speed up international layout. At the exhibition, Su Zimeng also "assisted" XCMG by introducing a special "star" product, XCA220, a 220-ton all-terrain crane, to clients and guests in Russia. This product embodies the efforts and wisdom of XCMG in exploring the most cutting-edge field of the engineering machinery industry for it owns fifteen pioneering innovative technologies in the world.

Chinese President Xi Jinping asked a technician the performance, output, price among others of an XCA220 all-terrain crane which just went off the production line when he sat in the cab of the crane during his investigation in XCMG on December 12, 2017

Jiang Nan, Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Import and Export Company introduced in the opening ceremony that XCMG has been exploiting the Russia market for nearly 20 years. With the opportunity of "the Belt and Road", XCMG implements the going-out strategy in depth by creating high quality products and localization strategy based on the concept of " leading technology, everlasting products ". The sales keeps growing year by year since 2001 when XCMG entered the Russian market, to reach more than 80 thousand in market volume with the market share remaining No.1 in among Chinese brands for many years.


Jiang Nan also said that XCMG Equipment has also been actively participating in various local public welfare projects to practice the core values of "taking great responsibilities, acting with great morals, making great achievements" while contributing to local economic development. On the eve of this June 1, International Children's Day, XCMG Global Public Welfare Activity Russia Tour was held at an orphanage in Moscow where the staff of XCMG Russia visited disabled orphans, and donated toys and children's learning supplies, receiving extensive praise from the staff of the orphanage and local people.

Jiang Nan, Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Import and Export Company delivered a speech on the opening ceremony


XCMG 220-ton all-terrain crane XCA220 delivery ceremony was also held in the opening ceremony. Ma Xiaokou, Vice General Manager of XCMG Import and Export Company handed over the gold key of XCA220 to a Russian client.


Alexei, a Russian client, said that he had bought several XCMG products for he believed they are trustworthy. He also said it is because of the connection with XCMG that his business grew bigger. He said the XCA220 all-terrain crane he purchased this time is not second to German and American equipment in performance. He firmly believed the equipment will help his business grow even further.

Ma Xiaokou, Vice General Manager of XCMG Import and Export Company handed over the gold key to a Russian client


In recent years, Russia has been expanding its infrastructure construction, and the whole engineering machinery market is developing rapidly. XCMG brand has been extensively recognized by and first Chinese brand for Russian clients from the Russian market, one of the main overseas markets of XCMG. More than 10 products on display at the exhibition that day had been reserved by clients on site.

High popularity for XCMG booth

Group photo of XCMG Russia CTT Exhibition

Jiang Nan, Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Import and Export Company was accepting an interview with the media


XCMG will improve the sales, service and after-sales system in the whole Eastern Europe and Central Asia including Russia in the future, and set up several spare parts centers to provide clients with best service guarantee, so that Russian clients can also enjoy the same service standards as the Chinese clients for "satisfactory purchasing and using".

Introduction of XCMG's market in Russia


As the first in China, the sixth in the world, and the only Chinese construction machinery enterprise among the world's top 10 for decades, XCMG entered the Russian market as early as 2001. With the quickening pace of internationalization, XCMG sales keep rising year by year in Russia to remain No.1 position in export in the industry with the market volume of more than 80 thousand sets, covering hoisting machinery, scraper machinery, mining machinery, road machinery, pile driving machinery, special machinery equipment and mining equipment, etc.


XCMG has set up a local management organization in Russia for distributing (conventional products) as the main, supplemented by direct selling (special products), with leasing business at the same time. Based in Moscow, 15 marketing branches are established and improved as well as 50 authorized service providers, covering 6 major administrative areas across Russia to provide one-stop solution for local clients and carry out the "finance lease" and "operating lease" with large share of XCMG products in the market.


XCMG products has been involved in many key projects in Russia with many well-known Russian enterprises: Moscow Metro Project with CRCC, Moscow New City Project with ГВСУ, the road construction project with Russian Transport Machinery Company, the high-speed railway project with Russian Railways, Natural Gas Pipeline Laying Project and Crimean Bridge Construction Project among others with Gazprom. XCMG has received extensive praise with cooperative enterprises and become widely known among local engineering industry.

XCMG XR150D involved in Russia Commercial Center Construction Project

XCMG XG480D diaphragm-wall grab involved in Moscow Metro Construction Project

XCMG cranes involved in New Siberian Highway Construction Project

3 XCMG 150-ton crawler cranes involved in New Siberian's Third Largest Highway Bridge Construction Project

XCMG QY100K involved in Baikal Scientific Investigation Project

A XCMG LW500K loader operating under extremely cold working condition at 20 degrees below zero

XCMG mining equipment working in Yamal Mine, Russia

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