XCMG Excavator Assists Thailand Highway Construction

Thailand is a key country along the “Belt and Road” initiative and is also a fortress of XCMG’s efforts to develop the Southeast Asian market. At the end of 2017, after several fierce competitions, XCMG obtained an order of equipment for highway projects in northern Thailand, including 50 excavators and 12 large-tonnage rollers.


At the request of the customer, the batch of excavators were entirely applied with green paint; the hydraulic system was all imported; the track shoes were widened and thickened, and the logo and appearance were also redesigned. In mid-February 2018, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, the excavators landed on a sailing ship and went to the Thai project site. Today, these green fighters are waving their iron arms on Highway No.2 from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima to help customer build highway projects around the clock.


High-end and advanced configuration, excellent and stable performance, the fastest and most timely delivery, and all-round meeting the customer's customized needs make the customer thumbs up. As the customer said, green is the color of development and growth. It symbolizes the flourishing development of this land, and it also implies that XCMG excavator will be full of vitality in the development of the Thai market.

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