The Belt & Road Initiative Draws Closer Chinese Dream to Bangladesh Dream

Not long ago, XCMG held 2018 Products Presentation and Customer Reception in Bangladesh was held in the capital city Dhaka, which was attended by more than 300 participants, including Ma Zhongyi, Director of XCMG Import & Export Company, Asia Pacific, product managers of XCMG Department of Road Machinery, XCMG Department of Excavators and XCMG Foundation, local dealers, clients, and China’s companies such as CREC, CRCC, Power China, CCECC and CGGC, etc.


The participants gathered at the event for friendship, cooperation and development. Local dealers and clients expressed their great trust in XCMG brand, saying they fully believe XCMG products featuring “leading technologies with longest duration”. Full of confidence in future development of XCMG in Southern Asia, they hoped to get into more intensive cooperation with XCMG.


XCMG and representatives of local dealers, clients and China’s companies


At the event, Ma Zhongyi, Director of XCMG Import & Export Company, Asia Pacific delivered a speech entitled “the Belt & Road Initiative is the first brand of China’s construction machinery entering Bangladesh market”. Since 2016, XCMG has exported machinery worth more than 30 million USD to the country, where it has established well-developed sales and service channels. It is able to respond to the clients’ purchase and after-sales service demands immediately after they raise them.


Ma Zhongyi, Director of XCMG Import & Export Company, Asia Pacific, was speaking at the event


XCMG Bangladesh Country Manager Wang Shuai also said at the event that XCMG, as the world’s six largest and China’s largest construction machinery manufacturer, will continue to provide premium construction machinery products featuring “leading technologies with longest duration” to Bangladesh so that it offers solutions to construction and sustainable development.


XCMG and representatives of local clients, China’s companies and local constructors


Bangladesh, with more than 160 million population, now has wonderful economic situation, whose economic growth rate has remained at above 6% for ten years in a row. In 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Bangladesh, and brought the Belt & Road Initiative there. XCMG highly cherishes the opportunities brought by the Belt & Road Initiative to China’s construction machinery in Bangladesh, responding quickly to it. In the past two years, XCMG has exported rotary drills, crawler cranes, road rollers and levelers, etc. Joining hands with Bangladesh people, XCMG helped boost local economic growth.


Relying on the exceptional performance, XCMG products are applied in a number of local projects, including Padma Bridge, the project representing Bangladesh-China friendship and its connection line. The Bridge stretches 6km and functions as one of the most important channels for Pan-Asian Railway that links China to Southeastern Asia, thus gaining the nickname of Bridge of Dreams. The rotary drills of XCMG worked continuously on the construction site, contributing to the progress and quality of the project.


XCMG equipment was also used in the Tunnel Project under Karnaphuli River, another key project in the country. It is the most important transport infrastructure project in Chittagong, the largest port in Bangladesh. XCMG truck crane, loader and concrete mixer made wonderful performance in this project.

 While boosting local economic growth, XCMG is also active in the charity programs in Bangladesh. In 2016, XCMG launched the ceremony to issue its global scholarship in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in Dhaka, the capital city. Employees of XCMG, after witnessing many local students quitting schools due to financial difficulties, reported what they saw to XCMG headquarters in China. XCMG immediately decided to include charity programs into Blue Dream Charity Foundation Program. It provides precision donations to students majoring in technology and machinery. With spirit of social responsibility and donations to local education, XCMG has received extensive praise from local people and leaders/students of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.


XCMG rotary drill works on Padma Bridge connection line


Sketch of Padma Bridge in Bangladesh



XCMG loader works on Padma Bridge in Bangladesh


XCMG equipment works on local infrastructures

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