XE150WB, a Brand-new Hydraulic Wheeled Excavator, Comes off the Assembly Line

XE150WB, a brand-new hydraulic wheeled excavator independently developed by XCMG, officially rolled off the assembly line recently, marking further optimization of its extensive excavating device portfolio. With a unique fully-integrated axle-transmission driveline, the variant model has its transmission fitted directly on the rear axle,not only giving higher protection to the transmission, but also offering an enhanced applicability of the equipment to rugged hilly roads.


Apart from a simplified chassis frame, a refined overall layout, and a 7% less deadweight over its traditional peers, the arrival also stands out in that a larger diameter slewing bearing in its superstructure ensures higher overall stability, and its longer-travel joystick is more user-friendly, being more suitable for Chinese operators’ habits in particular, and delivers on a more accurate maneuverability. Its sexy styling design is another plus appealing to the minds and hearts of its growing customer bases. In order to further improve its user experience, XCMG Excavating Machinery Co., Ltd employed professional industrial design forces in refining styling designs of all covering parts to bring into relief their streamlined effects, as a result, greatly heightening the equipment’s overall visual experience and lifting its technological sophistication to the international advanced level.



With a strong commitment to innovation-driven growth, XCMG has done whatever it takes over recent years to pursue its gold principle of developing products of longer duration with leading technologies for its customers, and has grabbed a significant share of the global wheeled excavating device market. This newly-launched XE150WB, the achievement of its latest customer requirement-focused product upgrading effort, will surely help XCMG enhance its corporate recognition among its customers and drive up its penetration rate in international excavating device markets.

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