“The Belt and Road” Services | XCMG’s “Global Excellent Operator” Public Welfare Project Starts Again in Early Summer!

 On June 20, the opening ceremony of the seventh operator training class of “global excellent operator” public welfare project was held in the XCMG Earthmoving Machinery Business Division.





Li Ge, Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG, Wang Ying, Deputy Party Secretary of Earthmoving Machinery Business Division, Yu Aijun, Deputy Party Secretary of Excavating Machinery Business Division, Jiang Nan, Party Secretary of XCMG Import and Export Corporation, Liu Yifan, Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Schwing Machinery Co., Ltd., Feng Yuehong, Party Secretary and President of XCMG Technician College, 10 trainer representatives, staff representatives and 15 overseas trainees from 6 countries including Pakistan, Philippines, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Qatar and Mongolia, and 75 trainees from 9 provinces across the country attended the ceremony.


As one of the 14 global precision public welfare projects implemented by XCMG, the Global Excellent Operator public welfare project has been held for six times with 17 classes since it was launched in May 2016. A total of 21 overseas service engineers and 302 engineering mechanical operators from all over the country received systematic and standardized experiential training in XCMG.




Li Ge, Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG, warmly welcomes the arrival of domestic and foreign operators and looks forward to the trainees to perceive the new model of XCMG intelligent manufacturing in the “Internet+” era, understand that XCMG’s cultural connotation of prudence, boasting innovation dynamism and sense of mission responsibility, comprehend the responsibility of XCMG makes world better, savor the culture of Xuzhou and Han dynasty and jointly witness the intelligent manufacturing strength and world-class quality of XCMG through experience of a variety of characteristic training modules.




In order to help all-value chain partners to enhance their value and skill level in good faith, XCMG Technician College tailors training programs for trainees based on fully understanding and identifying the needs of their individualized skills training. Culture edification with unique XCMG characteristics, professional knowledge explanation rooted in the production site, and practical simulated training ... and one-on-one counseling by business skills experts effectively help trainees to comprehensively enhance their comprehensive capabilities. In order to enhance training effectiveness, advanced training methods such as three-dimensional experience, skill PK and experience sharing are used in the training to help trainees to master skills and enhance professional qualities and meanwhile make them deeply understand the corporate culture and spirit of XCMG.



For overseas trainees, XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd. carefully understands the different cultural backgrounds and eating habits of each trainee and completes catering services and safety guarantees. At the same time, it also specially plans the visit to the Xuzhou Han Culture Scenic Area, team development, and charity activities to guide trainees to enjoy Xuzhou culture and customs, to promote their happy learning and happy life in Xuzhou!


“3, 2, 1”, everyone releases the balloons with your dreams, and puts love and responsibility into practice.


Wonderful XCMG skid steer loader show warms up the ceremony





Operators personally mark their hometown on the world map; the densely marked XCMG dots perfectly interpret the world-class XCMG.



Sudhi Pushkaran (second from left) and Nomun (third from left), two overseas service engineers from Kuwait and Mongolia, share their own stories with XCMG.



Culture guessing competition spreads the XCMG culture and brings people closer together


After the ceremony
A unique journey of XCMG experience pioneers for trainees



Visit XCMG large-tonnage loader intelligent manufacturing base and experience XCMG Intelligent Manufacturing in the new era



Visit XCMG Experience Hall and enjoy XCMG cultural feast



XCMG product competitions and creative puzzle PK of engineering machinery make operators further understand and perceive XCMG products




Well-designed team development training allows trainees to feel the strength of the team and the warmth of the home.



Leaders and operators left a brilliant smile in front of the camera


XCMG Global Excellent Operator public welfare project truly brings accurate, timely and effective help to the global team of operators, and sincerely helps more customers and equipment users to participate in construction of global projects more efficiently, smartly and conveniently. XCMG has created a new path for public welfare development in the industry with advantageous resource sharing, cross-border cooperation and multi-winning. It makes positive contributions to promoting the service-oriented transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, training of reserved skill workers in the global construction machinery industry, and formation of world-class industry chain for healthy and sustainable development of the industry. In addition, the Global Excellent Operator public welfare project is based on industry and serves the world, with participating trainees and companies from 37 countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative, contributing XCMG’s strength to promoting exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises, mutual benefit and win-win results, and promoting the economic development and prosperity of countries along the route!

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