China Starts to Make the First International Standard of Mobile Cranes

“Standards are results of progress in human civilization. China will actively implement the strategy of standardization so as to push forward innovative development, coordinated development, green development, open development and shared development”. At the Opening Ceremony of 39th ISO General Assembly, CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping fully expressed the responsibility taken by China in his congratulatory letter. As the leading company in construction machinery industry, XCMG has been persistent to implement its international strategy. In the process of developing international standard system, XCMG keeps contributing its wisdom from China.


Premier Li Keqiang of China attended the 39th ISO General Assembly


Not long ago, the international standard of safe use of mobile cranes, which was proposed by XCMG Heavy Machinery, passed the voting by ISO member countries, after the world experts discussed for a few rounds and after the ISO organized the voting for ISO/TC96 new project.


The project is the first international standard in the field of mobile cranes that is principally made by China. As the first international standard of technology & product proposed and spearheaded by China, the standard will be directly applied in product R&D, market sales and use by users, which can reduce potential dangers and improve product safety level in global crane operations.



As the undertaker of Secretariat of China Mobile Cranes Sub Standardization Committee, XCMG Heavy Machinery is responsible for managing the standardization in the industry. Till today, it has spearheaded to finalize two thirds of the national and industrial standards in the field of mobile cranes, thus helping China’s crane products go out and ensuring they have more power of say on the world stage of standards. Relying on years of its experience and ability accumulated in crane R&D, XCMG Heavy Machinery, through accumulation of its own technologies and constant innovations, has started with research of product use safety, which captures greatest attention from manufacturers and clients. To end the current situation that there is no international standard of safe use of mobile cranes, XCMG Heavy Machinery has been bold to address the many difficulties such as complex working conditions of cranes, and high technical contents, great involvements and disputes in making the use safety standards in cranes. In two years’ time, XCMG Heavy Machinery overcame three difficult points in the industry, namely, hoisting safety, driving safety and management safety, drafted China’s first proposed international standard of mobile crane product safety, and communicated, in various ways, with experts from USA, Germany, France and Japan, etc. about feasibility and necessity of making standards, so that the project of making new standards was passed successfully.



The new standard will enhance the power of say of China’s crane manufacturers in the field of international standards, strengthen its global market influence, and play a major role in stimulating innovation, upgrading and sustainable development of technologies in crane industry.



Note: The international standard is the first one of kind in mobile crane field that is principally made by China. As the first international standard of its kind, it is closely related to product safety. 

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