Xuzhou Party Secretary Zhou Tiegen Visited XCMG Spare Parts Center in East Africa and XCMG South Africa

Not long ago, Xuzhou Party Secretary Zhou Tiegen and his colleagues, accompanied by XCMG Chairman & Party Secretary Wang Min and XCMG Assistant President and XCMG Import & Export Corporation Manager Liu Jiansen, made a visit to XCMG Spare Parts Center in East Africa and XCMG South Africa.  


When visiting XCMG’s overseas branches and offices, Zhou Tiegen had talks with XCMG overseas representatives, learning in detail the sales and operation of XCMG in Africa, expressing his satisfaction with the wonderful reputation of XCMG products in Africa and with the extensive trust and praise from clients due to its exceptional sales service centered in South Africa and Kenya and reaching Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique,Madagascar and Mauritius, etc.  



Xuzhou Party Secretary Zhou Tiegen visited XCMG Spare Parts Center in East Africa and XCMG South Africa


Party Secretary Zhou Tiegen visited XCMG Spare Parts Center in East Africa


Kenya is the regional center in East Africa, the pivot point of the Belt & Road in Africa, and a country with largest number of China-Africa cooperation projects in building the New Silk Road. XCMG Spare Parts in East Africa is the first overseas spare parts center directly operated by XCMG, which provides quality and timely spare-parts service for XCMG clients in five countries in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi). It is an important measure for XCMG to go international. Since put into operation on January 6, 2018, it has made prominent achievements with the sales of machinery products rising by 150% YOY.


XCMG Spare Parts Center in East Africa


Get rooted in South Africa to serve locality

In XCMG South Africa, Party Secretary Zhou Tiegen learned in detail about XCMG development in South Africa in recent years. XCMG South Africa has always taken the philosophy of getting rooted in South Africa to serve the locality In 2018, it successfully sold the large-tonnage loader LW1200KN, broad-body minging dumper NXG5650DT, mining hinge truck XDA40 and large-tonnage excavator XE470D in large mining companies in South Africa, changing the competition pattern in the local market. At the same time, XCMG South Africa has established long-term partnership with local banks, expanded sales channels, and provided convenient sales conditions for local clients In this way, more clients are able to purchase XCMG products easily.


Chairman Wang Min reported to Party Secretary Zhou Tiegen about operations in XCMG South Africa



XCMG machinery working on Mombasa Nairobi Railway in Kenya


Party Secretary Zhou Tiegen emphasized that it was necessary for XCMG South Africa to continue to strengthen the post-market service, deepen partnership with local banks, make use of financial instruments, work hard to expand sales network and channels, and go on to lay a solid foundation for XCMG to become stronger and bigger in South Africa. Only in this way can it contribute to international development of the Group.



XCMG machinery working in South Africa


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