XCMG High-End Products "Shine" in Dutch TKD Exhibition to Enter Western European Market

Recently, XCMG appears in Dutch TKD Engineering Machinery Exhibition with the latest technical achievements and powerful product line-ups.

XCMG's powerful service team at Dutch TKD Exhibition

More than 10 sets of XCMG equipment appeared at Dutch TKD Exhibition, which drew the attention of European industry professionals and clients. The main equipment and corresponding components and supporting products to meet the local clients' demand in Europe presented by XCMG not only reflects powerful research and development strength, but also shows XCMG's firm determination to enter the high-end market of Europe. Power recovery technology, single motor technology, intelligent control technology and functional integration technology are among the new technologies contained in the products released in the exhibition, which are also the latest advances achieved by XCMG in fields such as "high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection" and widely and first used in the engineering machinery industry.


In order to provide better experience for clients, a sand field is established beside the 1600-square-meter booth of XCMG. Clients can directly test XCMG products with excellent performance by driving them on site.

Clients developed keen interest in XCMG products

Personnel were explaining for clients on site

XCMG high-altitude operation platform' first appearance in Europe attracted several large local rental companies and professional service providers of large-scale high-altitude operation platform to visit, negotiate and operate in person. Clients spoke highly of the performance and quality of XCMG high-altitude operation platform, and had soon developed keen interest in products and cooperation intentions.

Local clients are full of praise for XCMG high-altitude operation platform

Of all the products on display, the most notable is the XE150WB wheeled excavator newly developed this year. The most prominent feature of this new product is that it adopts a transmission mode with integrated bridge and gearbox, which can not only protect the gearbox, but also enhance the passing capacity of the whole machine on rugged mountain roads. The upper part of the crane adopts rotary support of greater slewing bearing for better stability of the whole machine. It also adopts a "long stroke" joystick to make the operation more suitable for European clients' using habits with more accurate control.

XCMG XE150WB wheeled excavator

In addition, other series products of XCMG also drew the attention of European clients at the booth. The XE210U excavator is a quality product tailored for European clients by comprehensively integrating Germany's leading technology to meet the four-stage emission standards. The XE35U mini excavator is a new generation product designed for European cities characterized by small construction sites. The ZL50GV upgraded 5-ton loader adopts Volvo's latest engine and has reached European advanced emission level.

XCMG XE210U excavator

XCMG XE35U mini excavator

XCMG ZL50GV upgraded 5-ton loader

Showing European clients core parts and components with fully independent intellectual property rights is another highlight of XCMG at the exhibition. These parts and components include hydraulic cylinders, new gearboxes, electric control systems, four-wheel and one-belt product and other high-end products that meet European standards.

XCMG European (Germany) Research and Development Center

XCMG speeds up the research of technology for core parts and components including "valve, pump, motor and hydraulic system" based on two parts and components companies acquired in Europe and XCMG European (Germany) Research and Development Center established in Dusseldorf, Germany.

High-end product of XCMG displayed on Dutch TKD Exhibition

This exhibition is the first time for XCMG to present new products, new technologies and complete solutions that represent "World-Class" standards in complete sets and series to European clients. As "the most demanding, technologically intensive and regulated market", Europe has always been one of the most important overseas markets for XCMG. XCMG's participation in this exhibition not only shows the latest technology and pillars of the great power with completely independent intellectual property rights, but also improves the XCMG series product's brand influence in Europe.

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