World Environment Day - XCMG Is Working for Beautiful China

Preserve and improve environment for this generation and future generations

On June 5, 1972, the United Nations held the first UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm of Sweden, where they passed the famous UN Declaration of the Human Environment and the Action Plan aiming to preserve the human environment, raising the slogan of “preserving and improving environment for this generation and future generations”. This was the first conference in human history that studied worldwide about preserving human environment. In the Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, June 5 is designated as the Environment Day.


The theme of the World Environment Day this year is I Act for the Beautiful China, which aims to mobilize all communities and people in China to participate in building the ecological civilization, respect, comply with and preserve the nature, speed up formation of green production means and lifestyles, and join hands to build the beautiful China with blue sky, green land and clean water.


XCMG is acting for the beautiful China

Human beings deserve clean air, transparent sky and life of harmony with nature. Nevertheless, pains of environment always come. XCMG, using its 70-year history and craftsmanship, has built the environment industry worth ten billion RMB. It is moving forward robustly on the path of building Beautiful China and Beautiful World.



XCMG Environment


Adopting the philosophy of “building green with green”, XCMG manufacturing units of premium environmental protection units. XCMG Environment, upholding the philosophy of “building green with green”, is dedicated to integrating environment into product R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, etc. Taking the low-carbon and zero-emission standard, XCMG has developed the energy-efficient pure electric hygiene products for road cleaning and garbage collection/transport. The eight-ton sweeping truck jointly developed by XCMG Europe R&D Center has the fuel consumption 45% lower than regular products and noise 6 dB(A)lower than standard noise in the industry. Besides, XCMG has also developed 12 pure electric models for road cleaning and garbage transfer, whose series hybrid products have been launched to the market and received great praise from the users. XCMG is dedicated to manufacturing whole-chain environmental units, whose products have extended from road cleaning and garbage collection/transport to environment units for household garbage recycling, construction garbage recycling, ice & snow removing, maintenance of underground pipelines and soil restoration, making itself a manufacturer in China with most diverse environment equipment.



New-generation Environment Guard X1 products


Adopting the “worry-free philosophy”, XCMG provides hygiene operation service to secure the Beautiful City. XCMG environment can provide integrated equipment, service and solutions to single-project contracting, environment & hygiene integration and PPP projects, and undertake environment & hygiene operation projects such as road cleaning, garbage collection/transport, garden greening maintenance,municipal facility maintenance, black & odorous waters harnessing and city harnessing, etc.


Transform garbage to resources in the field of post-treatment of household garbage. To solve the problem of insufficient and incomplete collection of garbage, XCMG has developed the mature technique solutions to sorting and recycling. By using the special equipment and pre-treatment techniques of screening, wind screening, magnetic screen and opto-screening, XCMG has realized recycling of organic wastes, reuse of recyclable wastes and hazardous handling of inert wastes. It has built and put into operation three garbage recycling projects in Anhui, Shandong and Henan, featuring mechanic pre-treatment + aerobic composting and comprehensive handling, thus reducing garbage quantity by 90% and reusing 50% of garbage. The effect has been recognized and praised by local governments.


By adopting the philosophy of “harnessing wastes with wastes”, XCMG pushes forward building of comprehensive environment & cycle industrial park. Focusing on the coordinated treatment of solid wastes in cities, XCMG has launched the technical solutions featuring “harnessing wastes with wastes” by building the comprehensive environment & cycle industrial park. Based on urban garbage cleaning/burning, it intends to use the thermal energy produced by burning household garbage to recycle the organic wastes of livestock/poultry residue and waste water, filth, straws and other organic wastes and the oxygen-free and carbon treatment of hazardous wastes. At the same time, it introduces the stink, sewage etc. Produced in the treatment process to the burning system, thus realizing the gradient use of energy and cycle treatment of solid wastes.


Beautiful China is the long-term target in building ecological civilization in our country. XCMG has the responsibility to contribute to it. XCMG Environment will live up to the expectations of all relevant parties, follow the strategic plan of three pillar sectors, and stay dedicated to harnessing and maintaining the urban environment, thus contributing XCMG wisdom and power for building the Beautiful City and Beautiful China.

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