Selected Cases of XCMG’s Rotary Drilling Rig’s Outstanding Performance

On the strength of its high operating efficiency, excellent structural stability, comfortable operating settings and sleek external design, XCMG’s XR240E, a new generation E-series medium tonnage rotary drilling rig, carried away with it the viewers at its recent debut on a Guangdong operation site, and has since drew large crowds of nearby users to get a glimpse of it for themselves.


Based on its well-proven experience of rotary drilling rig application techniques and in the light of detail design and lean manufacturing concepts, XCMG succeeded in developing and rolling out this innovative variant through overall refining of power systems, drivelines and major structures of its existing products. Besides more versatile functions and a 20% higher performance in its power head and main winch, the newly-launched equipment has a large parallelogram-styled double-boom luffing mechanism to get a greater range of support angles, and an independent, high-power temperature controlled hydraulic oil cooler to respond to rigorous operation conditions in tropical regions. Thanks to the single rope technique for both the main and auxiliary winches, it is more flexible and efficient, and can be able to meet different requirements from various construction projects. According to some operational data statistics, it has an average daily capacity of drilling 4-4.5 pile holes, and an average capacity of laying 3-4 piles per shift, a much higher efficiency than those of its peers.



A XR150DV Pneumatic DTH Hammer Rotary Drilling Rig was working on the Tsingtao-Lianyungan Railway Project. With a drilling speed of as much as 4 meters an hour, it has increased the conventional drilling efficiency by more than 8 times, and the successful coordinated application of a pneumatic DTH hammer and a rotary drilling rig to such a hard rock excavation project has blazed a new trail in hard rock tunneling techniques on the Mainland China.


In addition to its powerful performance of being able to drill holes of up to 1.2m in diameter and 46 meters in depth, XR150DV also stands out in various features, including full tracked telescopic chassis, the single rope technique for the main winch, special vibration damping mechanism for power head, adjustable vice-style fixtures, automatically extendable dust-prevention device, 4-multiple gooseneck hoisting gear, etc., which offer a solid guarantee to safety, environment-friendliness and high efficiency. During the Tsingtao-Lianyungan Railway Project construction, 21-m-deep pile holes of as thick as 1.0 meter in diameter were required to be cut out in the extremely hard andesite bedrock about 2 meters below the surface. To solve the technological challenges of lower hard rock excavation efficiencies and higher drilling cutter wear rates, XCMG made a bold innovation: combine a pneumatic DTH hammer and a rotary drilling rig by taking fully advantage of the former’s hardrock breaking mechanism and the latter’s fast tunneling advantage to achieve synergy effects.


Since as early as in 2015, two types of XCMG’s pneumatic DTH hammer-rotary drilling rig: XR220DIV and XR180DIV have been widely used in pile foundation construction works in building, subway and bridge projects across Hong Kong, having greatly sped up the pace of these projects, enhanced their efficiencies, and made XCMG be the only Mainland Chinese brand at the time in Hong Kong high-end rotary drilling rig market.


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